Door en voor mensen met een visuele beperking en hun omgeving
Of and for visual impaired people and their social environment

Past  a way Betty

Mi ta stimabo  would like to thank Mrs. Panagiota (Betty) Leotsakou before all here involvement for parents and the inventation last year to Greece, and she believed in us as Parents and we are very thankfull for that.

Wish her family lots of straight with this loss, we hope that the memories give the engergy to hold on.


Herewith the Board presents the annual report 2016 of ICEVI-Europe.

2016 has been a year in which ICEVI-Europe has engaged in the exchange of knowledge and expertise regarding the education and rehabilitation for people with visual impairments in a variety of ways and through various activities.


Even though 2016 was a positive year for ICEVI-Europe, it ended on a devastating note. 

Towards the end of the year, the beloved President of ICEVI-Europe, Mrs. Panagiota (Betty) Leotsakou became severely ill and tragically passed away on January 6, 2017. 

Words cannot express the depth of sadness, sorrow and distress we all feel for the undeserved and untimely death of our beloved Betty.  From 2004 -2013, Betty held the position of Board Member of ICEVI-Europe, representing the Balkan Countries.  

In July 2013, at the General Assembly of ICEVI-Europe in Istanbul, Turkey, Betty was elected as President of ICEVI-Europe, a position which she would have held until July 2017, but was tragically cut short. 

From early on in her career, Betty was devoted to the rights of people who are blind, partially sighted and/or had additional disabilities.   Her main purpose in life was to improve the quality of life and the education and rehabilitation services for people with visual impairments. 

She fought with great conviction, diligence, integrity and passion to break down the barriers for the visually impaired and the disabled. 

For us at ICEVI-Europe, her loss leaves an irreplaceable void. 

In the short period of her administration as President of ICEVI-Europe, Betty was committed to realizing its mission and goals. 

She was a dynamic and charismatic leader who inspired her fellow colleagues with her fruitful thoughts and ideas in endeavoring to achieve ICEVI-Europe’s aims and objects.  It is with great energy, creativity and diligence that she approached the aims of the organization and with a profound sense of consideration and professionalism that she interacted and cooperated with her colleagues.  She was truly a special individual who believed in and strove to make a real contribution to society, especially for persons with visual impairments.  We have nothing but fond memories of cooperating and collaborating with Betty for the successful organization of ICEVI-Europe Board Meetings and Conferences.  Betty’s involvement and work with ICEVI-Europe will be greatly missed by all.  We wholeheartedly thank her for her tireless efforts and for all of her achievements.


On a positive note, 2016 was a very successful year for ICEVI-Europe.  It is always interesting to read about what activities have taken place in the various countries and sub regions.  ICEVI-Europe enhanced its cooperation with the European Blind Union by accepting an invitation to participate as a Partner in the EBU’s project entitled: Training and Propagation of Braille.  The purpose of this project is to collect good practice in the area of Braille teaching, as well as, evidence of the importance of Braille literacy.  The project will be over two years (2016/2017).  In addition to this development, ICEVI-Europe continued its good work and participation in various European Projects with a focus on the visually impaired.


The Board is delighted to report that new members- both individuals and organizations- have joined our membership network.  We would like to encourage individual professionals and organizations in the field of education and rehabilitation of visual impairment to apply for membership to ICEVI Europe as a personal or a member organization.  The more members ICEVI-Europe has, the more ICEVI-Europe can achieve in the improvement of services for visually impaired people all over Europe.  Therefore, please encourage your colleagues, and motivate schools, services, centres, associations and institutions to join ICEVI Europe! Please visit the website of ICEVI-Europe for further information, including the Application Form and a list of membership benefits.


It is the Board’s hope that you will read this annual report with interest and that it will encourage you to cooperate with colleagues in and beyond Europe.  We happily welcome your feedback and suggestions.


The board would like to thank all who have contributed to ICEVI activities in 2016 and we hope you will all continue to participate in 2017.



On behalf of the Board, Nathalie Lewi-Dumont